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Detail of the beach
Detail of the beach
Banj is one of the settlements of Pašman Island, which faces the Zadar and Biograd rivieras on the mainland, the place is situated on the northwestern part of the island. Its neighbors are Ždrelac on the western and Dobropoljana on the eastern sides. Our pages are intented to be an introduction of the village.

The lack of the masses of vacationers and the tranquility is striking here, even in Pašman terms. People spending their vacations or visiting Banj can relax on either one of the two main beaches of the village: the gravel beach between the harbor jetty and the center, the other one is stretches from the harbor to east. This latter one is stony with short gravel or even sandy sections.

The village center has a grocery store, and here at the harbor a bar is also open. The restaurant of Banj has the name Dolac and it's located between the center and the main road of Pašman, in the village.

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